Week 2: The Klout Experiment (Breaking 60!)

In my Klout Experiment, I attempt to match Sarah Palin’s Klout score of 72 by January 1, 2013 and record the results in a weekly social media engagement digest. This digest includes:

  • My current Klout score
  • A rundown of my most “Influential Moments” from Klout
  • My Score Summary from Klout
  • My rate of activity – Posts/week

Somehow, despite my best efforts to increase frequency and vary use of my social media outlets, I lost a point this week! I believe this may be related to how I divided my attention between Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare this week. I only posted on Facebook 4 times this week, as opposed to the 24 posts I had last week. I decided to increase the frequency and interactiveness of my professional Twitter handle this week, replying to and RT’ing a few tweets from local comedians and Social Media Marketing bloggers. Although your Klout score accounts for only engagement (likes, comments, replies, RTs) and not frequency, I figured that tweeting more would help boost my score by potentially boosting engagement. Twitter engagement, in my opinion, takes far more frequency (and great content, of course!). Well, my hunch about increasing Twitter activity for more engagement was partly correct: 1% of this week’s score originated from Twitter interactions, whereas last week’s score was 100% Facebook. But, that new Twitter contribution did not make up for a lack of engagement on Facebook and ultimately, my Klout score suffered.

Below is the detailed digest of my vain attempt to raise my Klout score.


  • Current Klout score: 60
  • “Influential Moments” this week (Oct 31 – Nov 6):

– Oct 31: Shared The Klout Experiment on Facebook: 3 Engaged

– Oct 31: Facebook Photo shared: 2 Engaged

– Oct 31: Facebook post: 15 Engaged

– Nov 4: Facebook Photo tagged: 4 Engaged

  • Score Summary: 98.54% Facebook !! 
  • Rate of Activity this week (Oct 31 – Nov 6):

– Facebook: 4 posts (a far cry from last week’s 24!)

– Twitter: 24 tweets (pretty consistent with last week’s 23)

– Foursquare: 11 new check-ins – for some reason, these haven’t helped raise my Klout Score! 

– WordPress: 1 new blog post, shared on Twitter and Facebook. But no Klout love! Let’s see if this new post makes a difference…

Until next week, Fellow Influencers!

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Liz Jukovsky

Liz Jukovsky has been helping organizations enhance their social and digital impact for over four years and has a post-graduate certificate in Digital Media Marketing Management from the University of Toronto. Liz has developed social media strategies and best practices for clients from many industries, including digital creative agencies, theatre companies, publicity firms, pet festivals, staffing agencies, and membership associations. Follow her at @lizjukovsky or connect on LinkedIn at http://www.linkedin.com/in/lizjukovsky

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