What's the Difference Between Customer Service and Community Management?

What’s the Difference Between Customer Service and Community Management?

According to desk.com, 75% of Community Manager job descriptions demand customer service skills. But, there are subtle differences between a traditional Customer Service position and a Community Management one. Here are a few key distinctions:

1. Customer Service values consistency and transparency, but Community Management requires these at lightning speed! A Community Manager must respond quickly, transparently, and consistently with her brand’s guidelines, since her interactions with customers are visible to all other potential customers.

2. Community Managers must have the human touch. Brand followers know that Community Managers are actual individuals, and those followers expect a personable and approachable interaction.

3. Along the same lines: a Community Manager can give more personal reasons for errors. As Evan Hamilton puts it on The Community Manager blog: “‘Sorry, I was hiking & had no service’ is more effective than ‘sorry for the delay.'”

4. Community Managers are expected to deliver real, relevant content. A traditional Customer Service Agent may direct someone to a one-size-fits-all FAQ or a dry whitepaper, but a Community Manager creates shareable, dynamic social content that meets various users at all stages of the buying cycle.

There’s no secret formula for content, but the principles discussed in this post – along with marketing goals and brand identity – should guide a Community Manager’s content strategy.

How different do you think Community Management is from traditional Customer Service? Tell me in the comment section!

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