When to post on social media

When to Post on Social Media: “The Burrito Principle”

If a campaign launches in the Twitterverse, does it make a sound? Even the most dynamic content can get lost in the ether when social media managers don’t post at optimal times. The data varies and sometimes contradicts itself, so how can you post at the right time for your audience?

A common sense approach proposed by Darian Rodriguez Heyman – “The Burrito Principle” – may help you reach your audience when they have down time. My favorite social app, Buffer created an excellent graphic that lays out optimal posting periods:

The Burrito Principle for Posting on Social Media

Of course, these times may vary based on your brand’s target demographic. Your best bet is to create a marketing persona for each potential segment of your audience, and then estimate when each of those personas is likely to have down time.

When does your company or employer usually post on social media? 

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