The Pros and Cons of Pinterest's New "Buyable Pins" Feature

The Pros and Cons of Pinterest’s New “Buyable Pins” Feature

Pinterest recently announced a new  “Buyable Pins” feature for iPhone and iPad users. This feature will allow users to shop without ever leaving Pinterest, but what are the pros and cons of “Buyable Pins”?


  • Seamless integration with existing online stores  – If you’re already using Shopify or Demandware, then it’s as simple as connecting the API.
  • No added fees – Pinterest takes absolutely no cut from your sales.
  • Mobile-friendly design – Good mobile design makes selling and shopping easier.
The Pros and Cons of Pinterest’s New “Buyable Pins” Feature

This person will have to add the Pinterest app, soon.


  • Pinterest’s scrollable layout is competitive – Pinterest is keeping mum on the interface specifics, but so far we know that a little blue price tag indicates a “Buyable Pin.” This means that a “Buyable Pin” item shows up in a sea of others, giving the browser/buyer more options and the pinning business more competition.

For instance: if I find an adorable but pricey custom made navy blue sailor dress on Pinterest, I can lower my price range and scroll through hundreds of cheap corporate copycats.

Luckily for independent sellers with higher price points, a “pin” serves the same function as a traditional “wish list” or “cart,” keeping them top of mind for returning users.

The Pros and Cons of Pinterest's New

Avast, ye! A veritable sea of navy blue sailor dresses!

Is it worth it?

As a consumer? Certainly! But for sellers, it is dependent on how unique your product is, how good your social media strategy is, and how competitively your products are priced.

It also depends on the other features Pinterest offers to seller accounts. If Pinterest were to provide sellers with an analytics dashboard that recorded the data of users who’ve pinned items for later purchase, this would give sellers some data to help nurture leads through email marketing.

Do you plan on using Pinterest’s “Buyable Pins” feature? Tell me why in the comment section!

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