The Best Free or Cheap Tools for Creating Content

Best Free or Cheap Tools for Creating Content

Sometimes, a regular old blog post won’t cut it. If your brand is on a budget, there are still great tools out there to help you create and publish infographics, podcasts, quizzes, and surveys. Here are the best free or cheap tools for creating content:

1. For Infographics:

Piktochart is the best free tool for those with little to no graphic design know-how. It’s a cloud-based tool with a smooth, drag and drop interface. You can create a pretty customizable infographic by combining a variety of symbols and diagrams, as well as fonts and color schemes.

The one drawback is that any infographic you produce has a pesky little watermark on it. I guess that’s the trade off for free tools!

2. For Podcasts:

Blubrry is a simple to use hosting platform that’s easily integrated with WordPress and iTunes. It’s got metrics, too! At $12, it’s one of the least expensive options for podcast hosting on the market.

Audacity is a good alternative for podcast editing, for those of us who can’t afford to hire a sound editor. It’s freeware, so it’s a little clunky, but the tools and effects are simple enough that you can pick it up in an afternoon.

3. For Forms, Surveys and Quizzes:

Google Forms is the easiest embeddable form out there. It has many formatting options and a few customizable templates to choose from, but its best feature is that it’s a Google product that allows you to view results in a Google Drive spreadsheet. The one thing to keep in mind is that embedded Google Forms can sometimes have trouble loading, if Google’s server is slow.

Online Quiz Creator also offers an impressive number of quiz and assessment formats.

SurveyMonkey is best for user surveys. It’s also embeddable and compatible with Mailchimp.

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