The 3 Best Design Tips For Highlighting Your Content

The 3 Best Design Tips For Highlighting Your Content

Here’s a truth bomb: website design is as important to SEO as content. Well-designed blogs get the most social shares and inbound links. But, if you’re a content whiz with no design skills, how can you ensure your content gets the attention it deserves?

According to Mark Schaefer of, a well designed site focuses on its readers, amplifies existing content, and makes content easily shareable. Here are the easiest ways to do that without knowing a lick of code:

1) Focus on your readers – studies show that readers scan content in an F-shaped pattern. Keeping your content short, and including the most essential info above the fold will keep your readers interested.

More white space, bullets, and images will also help break up text and make it easier to read.

Lastly, since 55% of cell phone users go online regularly, it’s important to make your site responsive and mobile-friendly.

2) Amplify existing content – keep visitors on the site for longer with a “Related” section that shows up after your post. WordPress and Blogger  both have widgets that generate links to other pages on your site, based on tags and categories.

Another plus about this feature is that it’ll help you generate new content based on what related content people are visiting most.

3) Make content easily shareable – Wordpress also allows you to add share icons to your posts, which means more inbound links for you!

Embedded photos and featured images with clear, relevant titles will also ensure that your posts have great thumbnails that users will want to click.

How do you make your site’s content reader-friendly and shareable? Tell me in the comments section!

2 thoughts on “The 3 Best Design Tips For Highlighting Your Content

  1. ptbates1 says:

    This posting would benefit greatly with one or two concrete examples of the principles you’re talking about. I have other suggestions. We can talk about them more on July 23.

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